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About Beach Geek

Beach Geek is a Managed IT Service Provider for small firms that require creative, cost-effective approaches to high-level network needs. Our focus on secure, industry-compliant hybrid cloud solutions goes hand in hand with top customer service. Aside from select clients in the Architecture / Engineering / Construction industry, this firm primarily services SOHOs (small offices/home offices) in and around the city of Virginia Beach, VA.

What’s so special about Virginia Beach?

Simple answer: my name is Max. As the main consultant and head geek, I live in Virginia Beach. Even though I’ve traveled extensively the beach has always been home base. No offense to friends and business associates in neighboring cities but it’s easier to take care of client network emergencies when I can be there in 15 minutes without doing battle in traffic across bridges and tunnels. Think of it as the reason why farmers usually live on the farm instead of in a nearby city and commuting to work.



The roots of this company reach back to my childhood. Born into a Navy family, the sea has always been a part of my life. I learned to swim about the same time I learned to ride a tricycle. Home was never more than 15 minutes from the oceanfront. On the tech side, shortly before my 12th birthday my parents introduced an early Apple computer to our household… and for me it was love at the first keystrokes.

Computers felt like the closest thing to magic. Anything seemed possible with the right code and persistent focus. Throughout my career this has immersed me into everything from Microsoft Windows to Mac OS to Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. I’ve used these platforms for everything from Network Management to Cybersecurity to Graphic Design to Stock Market Analysis. Contrary to how it looks, I’m not a Jack-of-all-Trades-Master-of-None. I’m a constant student that has a knack for seeking out (and learning from) the best teachers. This, along with my experiences, has made my knowledge pool a mile wide and a few feet deep. It’s part of what has groomed me to be a good Digital Consigliere. To put it into perspective, if we were in THE GODFATHER and you were Don Vito Corleone, I would be your Tom Hagen.


The core Beach Geek mission is to Bring Peace of Mind to the Digital Space. Great customer service begins with budget-sensitive IT solutions and ends with my clients enjoying a productive, secure and worry-free IT environment. Everything else is about providing insight that helps management make informed IT decisions that keep their teams ahead of the challenges and demands of business.